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sales-ready website is your top salesperson

B2B digital marketing is often driven by emotion. We think that what is written and placed on our website is immediately known to everyone. The data shows that there are 1000 visitors per month. 80 percent of them are new and 20 percent are familiar faces. However, no one reacts to anything: no inquiries, no contact requests, no downloads of the holiday drink guide, nothing. It's a 100 percent marketing loss. It's frustrating.

Investment of ten thousand euros has been made in the website code, and social media advertising has been tried. A Google Ad's account was opened, but it was discontinued after a hundred euros because nothing happened. It was frustrating because it didn't work. In the midst of emotional turmoil, when everything has already been tried, there is one piece of advice. Make your competitors your friends and build your website for marketing and sales. Don't believe in gimmicks and the media that is being sold to you. Believe in your own story. Start from there.

Be the one who is constantly experiencing things and from whom advice is sought. Be the most attractive salesperson in your industry. Or rather, make your website sales-ready and take charge of what is rightfully yours.


Low Traffic

The cycle of poor results described above is a common occurrence for many. There are as many reasons for it as there are storytellers. The most prominent factor that comes up is the low traffic on B2B websites. This brings us to the most important checklist:

  • What kind of content do you have on your website?
  • What keywords are you optimizing?
  • What is the best content in your industry?
  • How well are you focused on Topic Clusters?
  • Do you have diverse formats available?
  • Have you created an SEO template for each Topic?
  • Do you have control over keyword competition positions?
  • Who is better than you on Google?
  • Do you want to surpass them?
  • Are you telling your own story with certainty?


Make digital marketing work for you

As a digital strategist, I am constantly amazed by the veil of secrecy that surrounds B2B companies, marketing content and how it hinders their appeal. I often hear that in our industry, these things are only shared with customers. But who do you share them with when no one comes asking?

Transparency can be challenging, but if you embrace it, it becomes easier. This means bringing prices, processes, benefits, and barriers to purchase out of hiding. Potential customers are intrigued by novelty, uniqueness, and openness. You need to communicate this in a way that is easily understood. If you're different, you must genuinely be different in all channels. This is how you become the starting point for a salesperson who can evolve into the best in your company.

Your website is the media that should convey this story to the world. Make it discoverable. Make it easy for potential customers to find. Answer their questions before they even ask. But how do you do this in practice?

  • Hook attracts attention
  • Story creates attraction
  • Story creates a bridge to the offer
  • Foundation in order, three steps
  • Sales funnel in order, three steps
  • Traffic in order, three steps
  • Do it yourself if you want to
  • Book a call with digital strategist


Sales-Ready Websites

If you've read any of my texts or followed me on YouTube, you know what's coming. Yes. Sales-ready websites on HubSpot without no coding. Investing €10,000 in website code that only delivers technical website is a wasted investment. The "Install & Forget" -website delivery is outdated. Websites are not about coding. Overcoding only puts weak content in the digital space. It doesn't create a sales machine or improve search engine visibility.

Websites need to be fine-tuned for sales. This means scripting them correctly. They need to be code-free so that the focus remains on storytelling, marketing and sales.

That's why every website should also be a CRM. It should have sensors that are perfectly calibrated, so that every channel, every word, and every click generates customer insights. Every visit, traffic source, and time spent on the site becomes your customer experience data center and a source of material for crafting the buyer's journey. We implement this for clients using the GDD (Growth-Driven Design) model. In three steps.

Growth-Driven Design and HubSpot CMS + CRM is a challenging model. Sales-ready websites need to align with the company's business goals. That's why CRM is included in the package. We don't just create websites, we build a digital marketing and sales operating model, along with data management. That's how a website becomes a sales Engine. But this requires a focus on scripting and customer understanding. The mindset is this: Sales is the customer of marketing and results are what matter!


Can this be achieved without a strategy?

Of course not. If there are identified barriers to growth in digital marketing, they need to be reflected through a strategy. How can Company X improve its competitiveness? How do we assess the current situation and find a clear direction? It's not a magic trick. We need to move forward by conducting a Site-Health test. Through this test, we gain a comprehensive view of the areas for improvement and provide a clear direction for the strategy. The test is free, but not without insights.

I developed this approach in 2019 when I completed the final exam for an international consulting network. Each of us had to build our own "Product Roadmap" to describe the services we provide.

The "How to Build Customer Trust Before a Purchase" model has been the backbone of my thoughts and the most important tool. It has evolved into the concept of "Digituottamaan" and Coco Invest's services. I have brought that story to life, the story I created in the spring of 2019. In this model, there is a clear hook, story, and offer. Take hold of it! Test your current strategy!

Hook = How to elevate your digital marketing game!

Story = Make your digital marketing productive by following these nine steps! 

Offer = Do it yourself or Let's do it together. Reserve a personalized coaching session!

PS. You are only as good a salesperson as your website allows you to be. Take the test. Can you sell your services in an online meeting by presenting your website to the client? Does your sales page address purchase barriers, showcase what they will receive, explain why it's worth working with you, and provide clear pricing? Can you guide them to more information and show them how to initiate the delivery process? Can you show them what it's like to work with your clients? Give a voice to your company's best salesperson.


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